I was inspired to make a documentary movie about hitbodedut interviewing people that this practice is a way of life SPEAK TO GOD AS A BEST FRIEND. The idea gave me so much hope finally a prophet came along that can take a regular person and promise that if they would just follow this simple advice you could reach the highest levels and not need to depend on anyone else anytime, any place regardless of what your past might have been. Confession, praise and request. Knowing and believing that HE is waiting for our words just as you are. There are many Holy books of prayer composed by many Holy people which is wonderful to say but remember they are always someone else's prayer. This phenomenon of speaking directly in your own words even if you don't feel inspired or you might be confused, these are the very words and song of each one of us that God is putting in your mouth. Many people have asked ( do you get answers?) Actually what's amazing about this practice once you've asked and surrendered if you are inspired and you know exactly what to do that is great but even if you don't get a clear answer whatever path you choose it will be Blessed and you've done your part.